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San Pietro in Bevagna: history and relaxation between Manduria and Porto Cesareo

san pietro in bevagna

An enchantment made of the beach, dunes and crystal clear waters

Continue our journey to discover the most beautiful beaches of Salento, can be explored by renting our boats! Today we land with you in the wonderful waters of San Pietro in Bevanda, a stretch of coast characterized by very low cliffs, dunes and wide shoreline from fine white sand.
The sea near the beach has shallow and medium waters, therefore very suitable for children, reason that makes this stretch of coast especially appreciated by families.

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A wild-looking beach

The dense vegetation on the dunes gives the landscape a wild aspect, shade and cool. The beach is mostly free to access, however equipped with kiosks e bar, where to find drinks, ice creams and refreshments in the sunniest hours.
The beauty of this beach is also characterized by the mouth of the Chindro river that right here meets the sea directly. The very cold waters of the river (even in the height of summer), combined with the temperate ones of the sea, constitute a peculiar condition.
Many swimmers love to immerse themselves in the waters of the river to refresh and tone the body.

A sea full of history

A curiosity about San Pietro in Bevagna perhaps not very well known is that, ignored for about 1700 years, you can see them 20 marble sarcophagi of the Imperial Age (III century AD). These archaeological assets, defined "sarcophagi of the King”, are visible at approx 4-6 meters deep in the seas of the maritime hamlet of Manduria. It is the tangible testimony of how they were produced, semi-finished products, transported and then decorated once they arrive at their destination. According to the reconstructions of the scholars, these marble products could originate from the Meander Valley, today's Turkey.

We thank Ph. © Cosimo Trono for photographic contributions.

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