18 June 2021

Lido Gandoli: a corner of paradise on the Tarantina coast

The extraordinary Natural Bay of Lido Gandoli

This BoatNews is dedicated to one of the most suggestive coves of the Taranto coast.
Crystal clear waters e fine sand, make the Bay of Lido Gandoli a sensational docking point for offshore excursions.
Right here, the sea is particularly clear and transparent, completely free of rocks up to several meters from the coast. The experience of a dip here really has nothing to envy to the most famous places in Salento and the Lecce area.

The bay of Lido Gandoli

The coast of Gandoli is divided by a small freely accessible beach and an exclusive lido with all the services desirable, bar e ristorante.
Not rarely, even while staying on board the boat, music and sports activities can be heard in the distance, organized by the bathing establishment, but nothing that could disturb those who want a complete stay relax.

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The location of Lido Gandoli is extremely suggestive and comfortable, framed by greenery and low cliffs, just raised above sea level. If you wish to rent a boat for a dip in calm and clean waters, here you will surely find the ideal berth for your well-being.
An experience to try absolutely if you are lucky enough to spend the summer in the Taranto area.

If you too want to explore this natural wonder firsthand, book your excursion today directly through our website or by contacting the +39 393 874 0465 – info@boatsharingpuglia.com

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